Equipment refurbishment

Our engineering expertise in heating, atmosphere management, vacuum management, mechanical transfers, automation and regulation enables us to provide you with a response that is perfectly adapted to your needs.

We provide a global solution for the refurbishment and rehabilitation of all your thermal equipment, whatever its function and origin. These services are carried out on site or on our facilities under the supervision of a project manager.



Renovation, refurbishment, upgrading


  • Repair, refurbishment and modernisation of your thermal equipment whatever its function (electrical, mechanical, vacuum, gas, regulation, cooling, hot and cold movement) and its origin.
  • Bringing your thermal equipment into compliance and safety: Design, production and installation
  • Expertise, repair and testing of all the installation’s components: resistors, electrical cabinet, insulation, pyrometry, mechanics, hydraulic cooling, gas and vacuum circuit, etc.

We also work on :

  • Mechanical assemblies (chassis, work enclosure, flanges, screens, power supplies)
  • Machine / Operator safety
  • Supervision and acquisition systems


The group


We are able to offer our clients an end-to-end approach thanks to our technical skills and the experience of our teams.

A 360° value proposition in thermal equipment for research laboratories and industry


Standard equipment solutions for laboratories and industry


A unique and advanced technological solution dedicated to the oxidation phase involved in the manufacture of VCSELs


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