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Find out more about our services! In order to meet all our customers’ needs and to support them in all their current and future operations, we are developing a relationship of partnership: technical, technological and strategic. Stand-alone or integrated furnaces, dedicated to production or R&D… We provide you with turnkey equipment, thanks to our complete engineering and experience. Today and in the future, we will support you to meet your requirements and take up your technological challenges.



Nos services AET Technologies

Maintenance &​ service contracts​


  • Maintenance of your equipment​
  • Replacement of parts​​
  • Transfer and relocation of equipment​
  • Spare parts
  • Various operations​​
  • Improvement of your equipment​


Digitalisation contrôle​ commande​ ​

Digitalisation of command and control​


  • Heating elements
  • Display and recording of thermal cycles
  • Control and management of the entire process
  • Data collection and processing for predictive maintenance​
  • Intuitive, modular interface


Nos services AET Technologies

Retrofit &​ Reconditioning​


  • Retrofitting control command
  • Supervision-IHM
  • Data collection, processing and security
  • Safety, compliance (non CMR classified materials)
  • Revamping, upgrade on thermal, vacuum, gas​​


Pièces​ détachées​

Spare parts​


  • Heating elements
  • Resistor (metallic, ceramic, graphite, induction…)​
  • Materials: thermal isolation​
  • Thermocouples​
  • High temperature cables and connections​
  • Various parts for gas, fluid and vacuum installations…​
  • Process chamber​​


Décarbonation &​ économies d’énergie​

Decarbonisation &​ energy efficiency​


  • Insulation, heating elements and control​​
  • Cooling of equipment in a closed circuit
  • Energy recovery
  • Product recovery (through refurbishments)​


Management of​ Investments​


    • Ability to adjust purchase prices over time​
    • Transition from Capex to Opex​​
    • Customised support​
    • Upgrading and maintaining the value of old equipment​


Our historical brands


    AET Technologies has more than 50 years of experience in the field of electrothermics. Over the years, AET Technologies has expanded its field of expertise to include thermal, vacuum, gas, transfer mechanics with the following historical brands:


  • ADAMEL: the historic ‘ADAMEL’ brand was taken over by AET Technologies in July 2023. ADAMEL machines still represent the majority of flow machines installed in Western Europe.
  • NorTest, which has been selling and upgrading high temperature creep machines for test laboratories in France and abroad since 1998
  • VAS (Vide Appareillage Scientifique) to develop the vacuum activity
  • PCE (Piezo ceram électronique)
  • FluoChimie

Major companies in the microelectronics, technical ceramics, nuclear and metallurgy areas now trust AET Technologies.


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