Spare parts

Our engineering expertise in heating, atmosphere management, vacuum management, mechanical transfers, automation and control enables us to provide you with a solution that is perfectly adapted to your needs.

We provide the manufacture and supply of spare parts. Our expertise allows us to provide you, if necessary, with an equivalent solution and thus ensure the durability of your equipment.

To solve your maintenance and repair problems for your thermal equipment, we master all electrical heating systems as well as their power and regulation tools.



Manufacture of all parts of your equipment


    • Heating elements (coiled, shielded, infrared, metallic on ceramics…)
    • Heating elements (silicon carbide, graphite, halogen lamp, molybdenum)
    • Resistor-graphite
    • Heating elements moulded in fibre or in refractory concrete
    • Insulating refractory materials (mats, rigid panels, bricks, concretes, fibres…)
    • Thermocouples (ceramic, rigid, articulated) for a range of use from 0 to 1800°C
    • High temperature cables and connections
    • All mechanical parts made to measure, sheet metal work, enclosures, metal muffles for flow-through ovens, etc.
    • Electrical power and control equipment
    • Various parts for gas, fluid and vacuum installations…


    The group


    We are able to offer our clients an end-to-end approach thanks to our technical skills and the experience of our teams.

    A 360° value proposition in thermal equipment for research laboratories and industry


    Standard equipment solutions for laboratories and industry


    A unique and advanced technological solution dedicated to the oxidation phase involved in the manufacture of VCSELs


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