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  • Our mission


    Let’s innovate together to reinvent today’s materials and discover tomorrow’s.


  • Notre vision


    Every day, we are committed to being the world leader in solutions for the development, processing, characterisation and recycling of materials for industry and research.


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    Who are we?


    Pioneers in materials processing today and tomorrow.


Our expertise


The know-how of AET Group have enabled us to build a diversified portfolio of thermal equipment. AET Group can meet most thermal needs for research and production.





Our areas of activity


AET Group, a key partner in the industry of the future, works with strategic sectors of activity to offer each of them tailor-made support and to take up together the technical and technological challenges of today and tomorrow.



Thanks to our industrial know-how, we ensure the link between research and production: a key driver of industrial innovation. Our solutions can be found in the development of innovative projects around the world and are used in many everyday applications.

They trust us

Leading manufacturer of infrared detectors


“A real relationship of trust has been established, and AET is particularly appreciated for its reactivity, its ability to evolve, and its confidentiality framework. AET’s strong technological mastery has allowed within a partnership to increase the size of the wafers (which is almost a world first with an energy reduction).”

Reference research and innovation centre


“We recognise AET’s strong technical skills, high responsiveness and agility of the team.
AET is way ahead of the competition – especially against consultancies that combine several techniques to deliver a finished product. We have great confidence in the company.”

Global steel company


“Our R&D centre has had strong links with AET for 20 years: it has some fifteen machines that are covered by maintenance contracts.
machines which are also covered by maintenance contracts. Unrivalled technical expertise on non-standard machines and the teams’ ability to make proposals. Good relationship with the contract and after-sales services.”

Major player in semiconductors


“Aloxtec furnaces are considered high value-added furnaces because they are very reliable, thanks to real-time control of the quality of wafer processing.
Aloxtec is the only one on the market to offer such quality.”

The group


We are able to offer our clients an end-to-end approach thanks to our technical skills and the experience of our teams.

A 360° value proposition in thermal equipment for research laboratories and industry


Standard equipment solutions for laboratories and industry


A unique and advanced technological solution dedicated to the oxidation phase involved in the manufacture of VCSELs


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