Four ouvrant universel jusqu’ à 1500°C pour essais mécaniques à chaud ou autres applications (option : ouverture à chaud)

Universal opening furnace up to 1500°C for hot mechanical testing or other applications (option: hot opening)

Universal opening furnace up to 1500°C for hot mechanical testing or other applications (option: hot opening). Our engineering expertise in heating, atmosphere management, vacuum management, mechanical transfers, automation and regulation enables us to provide you with a solution that is perfectly adapted to your needs.
We adapt to your expectations by providing you with numerous solutions for research laboratories or industrial production.

All our equipment is CE compliant and is manufactured with materials that comply with current legislation.



Caractéristiques (Fr) Specifications (Eng)

1300°C ou 1500°C en continu

1300°C or 1500°C continuously

Vitesse de chauffe 20°C/min maximum

Maximum heating speed 20°C/min

Stabilité de régulation <2°C

Regulation stability <2°

Vitesse de refroidissement naturelle

Natural cooling rate

Se branche sur 230 volts 50hz (sur prise)

Plugs into 230 volts 50hz (on outlet)

Puissance : de 4kW à 6,5kW

Power: from 4kW to 6.5kW

Régulation thermique sur le four ou sur l’éprouvette

Thermal regulation on the furnace or on the specimen

3 zones de chauffe pilotées par décalage de consigne

3 heating zones controlled by setpoint offset

Interface IHM : écran tactile couleur de 7 pouces

HMI interface: 7-inch colour touch screen

USB en façade pour fichier CSV, connexion wifi ou Ethernet

USB front panel for CSV file, wifi or Ethernet connection

A turnkey equipment


Compatible with all mechanical testing machines (minimum 250mm) closed furnace width.

Hot mechanical testing standards


This furnace meets the requirements of the various standards for hot mechanical testing (creep, tension, compression).

Removable heating elements


The lanthanum chromite heating elements can be replaced without dismantling the charging column.

Double-hinged furnace support with independent settings


Allows you to free up the working space (load columns) for cold testing and specimen instrumentation.

Passage for contact extensometer


Compatible with a contact extensometer: axial or transverse mounting.

Materials 100% not classified as carcinogenic


Removes the risk of user exposure to a hazardous substance (Directive 97/69/EC).

The group


We are able to offer our clients an end-to-end approach thanks to our technical skills and the experience of our teams.

A 360° value proposition in thermal equipment for research laboratories and industry


Standard equipment solutions for laboratories and industry


A unique and advanced technological solution dedicated to the oxidation phase involved in the manufacture of VCSELs


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