Multi-process additive manufacturing furnace

This multi-process industrial furnace allows you to work with different controlled atmospheres: oxidizing, neutral, reducing and vacuum, up to 1400°C continuously.


Additive manufacturing enables the making of complex parts while reducing the amount of materials used, making it a more cost-effective solution than conventional manufacturing by machining for prototype or short series.


Caractéristiques (Fr) Specifications (Eng)

Température nominale : 1400°C en continu max

Nominal temperature: 1400°C continuous max

Vitesse de chauffe : 1200°C/heure max

Heating speed: 1200°C/hour max

Homogénéité : <±10°C

Homogeneity: <±10°C

Version chargement manuel ou automatique en option

Manual or automatic loading version

Four étanche

Vacuum-tight furnace

Atmosphères contrôlées : oxygène, neutre, réductrice (H2/CO)

Controlled atmospheres: oxygen, neutral, reducing (H2/CO)

Vide purge < 1.10-1mbar

Vacuum drain < 1.10-1mbar

Multi materials Fab

This multi-process furnace delivers a continuous 1400°C and is designed for ceramic as well as metal fab (copper, titanium, stainless steel, steel, inconel).

Large usable volume

This furnace, composed of a lifting sole, offers an important volume of use. It is fit to treat large dimensions parts as well as smaller parts in batches.

Optimized accessibility

This ergonomic equipment has a mobile charging stand with 240° accessibility allowing secure & easy loading/unloading operations.

Quality of the parts preserved

A process chamber with materials compatible with the parts to be treated to avoid any form of pollution.

Optimized operating and maintenance costs

Controlled power to limit electrical consumption. Reliable equipment to limit preventive and curative maintenance.

Small footprint

A compact and ergonomic furnace with a footprint below 1.5 m2 in cycle (2 m2 in loading/unloading phase).

Configuration, monitoring and recording of process data

7-inch color touch screen HMI interface. Front USB for CSV file, Ethernet connection, wifi option.

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