Compatibilité fours type ADAMEL. Reste compatible avec l’encombrement actuel de la machine ADAMEL. Rentre sur un espace entre colonnes de 250mm.

Creep Furnace 1300°C ADAMEL Type

ADAMEL machines still represent the majority of the creep machines installed in Western Europe. Our replacement solution for ADAMEL type creep furnaces allows you to work well above 1100°C (current limit of furnaces for long cycle periods). A technical solution that can be powered by 230V, without transformer, in order to optimize the cost of the electrical box.


Our engineering know-how concerning heating and mechanical transfer, management of gases-atmospheres as well as vacuum, automatisms and regulation allow us to give you a perfect answer adapted to your needs.



Caractéristiques (Fr) Specifications (Eng)

1300°C en continu

1300°C continuously

Vitesse de chauffe 5°C/min

Heating rate 5°C/min

Vitesse de refroidissement naturelle

Natural cooling rate

Se branche sur 230 volts 50hz (sur prise)

Plugs into 230 volts 50hz (on outlet)

Puissance : 4,5kW

Power: 4.5kW

Régulation thermique sur le four ou bien sur l’éprouvette

Thermal regulation on the furnace or on the specimen

Tube céramique C530 Ø65mm intérieur maximum

Ceramic tube C530 Ø65mm interior maximum

Hauteur chauffante homogène 190mm maximum

Homogeneous heating height 190mm maximum

3 zones de chauffe pilotées par décalage de consigne

3 heating zones controlled by setpoint shift

Dimensions : largeur 220mm, hauteur hors tout 470mm

Dimensions: width 220mm, overall height 470mm

Interface IHM : écran tactile couleur de 7 pouces

HMI interface: 5 or 7-inch color touchscreen

USB en façade pour fichier CSV, connexion wifi ou Ethernet

USB front panel for CSV file, wifi or Ethernet connection

A turnkey equipment


Adaptable on all creep machines with minimum centre spacing (250mm for diameter of 50mm) between columns for retrofit of ADAMEL type furnaces with mounting rings.

ISO 204-2009 standard


We conform to this standard that specifies the method for uninterrupted or interrupted creep tests and defines in particular the temperature homogeneity and gradients to be respected.

Removable heating elements


Lanthanum chromite heating elements can be replaced without disassembly of the load column thus insuring test continuity.

Fully compatible with ADAMEL Creep Furnace


Compatible with current machine ADAMEL. Fits on a space between columns of 250mm.

Innovative technology


The result of a unique R&D work, the lanthanum chromite technology is the sole property of AET Technologies.

100% non-carcinogenic materials


Removes the risk of users being exposed to a dangerous substance (Directive 97/69/EC).

The group


We are able to offer our clients an end-to-end approach thanks to our technical skills and the experience of our teams.

A 360° value proposition in thermal equipment for research laboratories and industry


Standard equipment solutions for laboratories and industry


A unique and advanced technological solution dedicated to the oxidation phase involved in the manufacture of VCSELs


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